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God Removed Pastor
David from a Dark Path

By Kylie Fitch
Jackson County Herald Tribune — 12/19/2023

“I’m the senior pastor there at First Baptist Ganado. God saved me from a 15-year addiction and a life in the streets of West Texas,” Pastor David recounted. “It was during a 15-year sentence in state prison where God changed my life in 2014.”

Before reading any further into this story, we ask readers to keep an open mind and for all intents and purposes, leave the judging to God on this one. Pastor David has one hope for the people who read this article, “I just pray that they would see Christ and not me.”

In Ganado, the First Baptist Church is not just a place of worship; it’s a sanctuary of redemption led by Pastor David Segura, one whose life story reads like a testament to the power of faith and transformation.

Pastor David, the senior pastor of First Baptist Ganado, wasn’t always a man of the cloth. In a recent interview, he shared his gripping tale of triumph over a tumultuous past that involved a 15-year struggle with addiction, brushes with the law, and a gang-related lifestyle.

His journey to salvation wasn’t an easy one. Born and raised in San Angelo, Texas, Segura’s early years were marked by a turbulent path. Despite coming from a loving family, the challenges of a low-income community and a lack of supervision led him down a dangerous road. Experimentation with drugs, including a 15-year battle with addiction, eventually led him to the harsh reality of the streets.

However, a divine intervention in a prison church service marked a turning point. “God reached down and touched me, changed my life.” Pastor David vividly recalls the moment when, in the midst of a church service intended for a different purpose, the lyrics of a song penetrated his heart, breaking down the walls of pride that had long kept him from surrender.

“Wrap me in your arms, Lord, take me to that place where you can make me like you,” the song echoed, setting the stage for a powerful spiritual awakening. In that sacred moment, a fellow prisoner, moved by the divine, reached out to Pastor David, offering a simple yet profound declaration of love. It was a turning point, a moment of realization that he was worthy of redemption and love. “A song and an unexpected hug from a fellow inmate broke something inside me,” he revealed.

Pastor David delved into the scriptures, finding solace in verses that spoke of God’s unconditional love and the promise of transformation. Romans 5:8 became a guiding light, affirming that, even in sin, Christ died for all. The next morning, Second Corinthians 5:17 reinforced the truth that in Christ, he was a new creation.

After four years in prison, Pastor David was released on parole for good behavior. Returning to society, he dedicated his life to ministry, initially handing out bibles and preaching on the streets. After realizing that he wanted to continue to be a better version of himself he moved away from his hometown and started working at Northside Baptist Church in Victoria as a custodian before quickly moving into the maintenance supervisor position.

During his time at Northside Baptist Church, Pastor David was reaching out to the community and spreading the word of the Lord. When more people started coming to Church for him it was then that a Pastor there asked if he had ever considered getting a ministry.

“I said, man, I’ve been in ministry since 2014, since the day that God saved me. I’ve been in ministry and I’ve surrendered to that no matter what that looks like.” Pastor David explained further why he is so passionate to tell everyone he meets about God, “once you’ve experienced the ugly side of life, I guess and Jesus sets you free, you scream his name from every rooftop, in every street corner that you step onto, because it’s hope, and it’s hope for broken people.”

His journey continued with seminary, earning degrees, and stepping into the role of a preacher. In 2022, the call from Ganado came, offering him the opportunity to become the pastor of the First Baptist Church.

“I’m leaving my stable job to pastor the church, devoting the rest of my life to God’s work,” Pastor David affirmed. “I want the people in Jackson County to understand that there’s a seat at the table for them, no matter who they are or what they’ve done.”

Pastor David’s passion for spreading the gospel is palpable. “To stand up and proclaim the goodness of God, to let people know there’s a seat at the table for them, no matter what they’ve done—that’s the joy of preaching the gospel,” he shared.

As he embarks on this new chapter, Pastor David aims to be a beacon of hope, emphasizing, “If God can save me, he can save anyone.”

His journey, marked by resilience and faith, serves as an inspiring reminder that redemption knows no boundaries. In a world often marked by judgment and exclusion, Pastor David Segura stands as a living testament to the transformative power of grace and the boundless love of a forgiving God.